The Barbary lions

The Barbary Lion, Atlas lion or Nubian lion (Panthera leo leo) is a subspecies of lion that has become extinct in the wild. There are around 40 in captivity in Europe, with fewer than a hundred in zoos around the world. The Barbary lion formerly ranged in North Africa from Morocco to Egypt. The last known Barbary lion in the wild was shot in the Atlas Mountains in 1922. The Barbary lion was believed to be extinct in captivity as well. However, possible Barbary lion individuals or descendants have been located in zoos and circus populations within the last three decades.

The Barbary lion is often considered to be the heaviest of the lion subspecies;
the calculated weight for the males is 200 to 272 kg (440-600 lb) and females 120 to 180 kg (260-400 lb). Some experts, however, have expressed the belief that such weights are greatly exaggerated, and that the Barbary lion was similar in size to the lions in East Africa. The two other primary predators of northern Africa, the Atlas bear and Barbary leopard, are now extinct, or close to extinction.  Cedited from

Arabic Name: أسد الأطلس
English name: Barbary Lion, Atlas Lion, Nubian Lion
Bulgarian Name: атлас лъвове
Chinese Name: 阿特拉斯狮子
Czech Name: atlas lvi
Danish Name: atlas løver
Dutch Name: De Leeuwen van de Atlas
Finnish Name: atlas leijonat
French Name: Lions de l'Atlas
German Name: Atlas Löwen
Greek Name: άτλας λιοντάρια
Hebrew Name: אריות האטלס
Hindi name: एटलस शेर
Italian Name: atlante leoni
Japanese Name: アトラスのライオン
Korean Name: 아틀라스의 사자
Norwegian Name: atlas løver
Polish Name: atlas lwy
Portuguese Name: leões atlas
Romanian Name: atlas lei
Spanish Name: los leones del Atlas
Swedish Name: atlas lejon


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